Objectives :

To introduce students to the development of modern and comtemporary drama since the latter part of the 19th C through to the end of the 20th C.

To develop students’ historical knowledge and critical understanding of various parallel and competing approaches to, and forms and styles of, romantic, comic, realistic, pseudorealistic, naturalistic, poetic, antirealistic, avant-garde and experimental drama.

To develop students’ historical and critical knowledge of some of the manifestos and credos that major modern and contemporary dramatists created in relation to their own work, and those of other playwrights, as well as of a corpus of significant reviews and critiques of major playwrights and their plays.

To help students to appreciate the complexities of getting a play from its initial stages as a script to its eventual collective, public production, as well as in terms of the challenges of adapting plays to film, television and digital screens.